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Who are we?

The main profile of our team is to develop rockets for research and educational purposes. As engineering students, we chose this challenge because of the inspiration of rocketry.

The team currently has 50 members, including aerospace engineering students, mechanical and electrical engineering student, as well as PhD students and academics. In addition to the members, the team also includes students with a background in law and management.

We have always strived for perfection, thus we work with the utmost care and precision on our projects.


Our Goals


Our team develops and manufactures its own research rocket for the 2023 European Rocketry Challenge in accordance with the rules of the competition. The designed rocket will be capable of launching a 3 kg payload to an altitude of 9000 metres.


The BME Suborbitals, in cooperation with the Hungarian Astronautical Association, organizes the 2023 CanSat Hungary competition. The event is accredited by the European Space Agency (ESA) , in which teams of high school students will compete against each other As part of the cooperation, our team will provide the rockets needed for the launch.

Research & Development

Our team is developing a low-cost solid-propellant rocket. The aim of the project is to develop an solid-propellant motor within a two-year time horizon that is capable of powering the more powerful rockets planned for the future.


Erebos I
March 2022
Big Rocket Cup – 2nd place

Erebos II
May 2022
International Rocket Cup – 1st place

October 2022
European Rocketry Challenge – 5th place

Support us

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Space technology is a very expensive business. It also requires the latest industrial advances in materials and technologies. As a university team, our sponsors play a key role in achieving our goals.

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