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BME Suborbitals

“To innovation and beyond!”

Our Projects

Our mission

BME Suborbitals is a competition team developing research rockets for competition and educational purposes. Our aim is to be a competitive team where members can gain hands-on space industry experience and compete in international competitions.


Our team is developing and manufacturing its own research rocket for the 2024 European Rocketry Challenge, in accordance with the competition rules.

The planned rocket will be capable of launching a 3 kg payload to an altitude of 9,000 metres.


BME Suborbitals is organising the 2024 CanSat Hungary competition in cooperation with the Hungarian Astronautical Society. The competition is an event accredited by the European Space Agency (ESA), where teams of high school students will compete against each other. Our team will provide the launch vehicles for the launch.

Research & Development

The team is developing a solid-propellant rocket engine that it can produce in-house at low cost.

The aim of the project is to develop an engine with a two-year time horizon that can reliably power the more powerful rockets that will be designed in the future.

The team

The team currently has 80 members, including aerospace engineering students, mechanical and electrical engineering student, as well as PhD students and academics. In addition to engineering students, the team also includes students with a background in law and management.